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Hn mall para kazan free usdt 🥳🤯💰 Para Kazan

Hn mall para kazan free usdt 🥳🤯💰 Para Kazan

Hn mall para kazan free usdt 🥳🤯💰 #parakazan Para Kazan – 2022

#internettenparakazan #internettenparakazanma #parakazan

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✅hn-mall mall registration bağlantı: https://hn-mall.vip/jfjaH5
✅ Telegram group bağlantı: https://t.me/HN_Official_Group

New user registration 10 USDT (after registration, 10 USDT will be directly deposited into your flexible account, you only need to recharge 10 USDT to start experience earning coins,
The minimum withdrawal for the first time is 0.5USDT, and the minimum withdrawal for the second time is 2USDT
The daily mission update time is 06:00 AM London time
Withdrawal times: once a day
Withdrawal time: 7×24 hours
————————————————– ————————-
VIP0✔️Invest 10USDT and earn 0.05USDT every day
VIP1✔️Invest 15USDT and earn 0.5USDT every day
VIP2✔️Invest 60USDT and earn 5.2USDT every day
VIP3✔️Invest 180USDT and earn 18USDT every day
VIP4✔️Invest 500USDT and earn 56USDT every day
VIP5✔️Invest 1500USDT and earn 180USDT every day
VIP6✔️Invest 3000USDT and earn 384USDT every day
VIP7✔️Invest 6000USDT and earn 840USDT every day
VIP8✔️Invest 12000USDT earn 1760USDT every day
VIP9✔️Invest 20,000 USDT and earn 3,600 USDT every day
VIP10✔️Invest 35,000 USDT and earn 8,000 USDT every day
VIP11✔️Invest 50,000 USDT and earn 18,700 USDT every day
invitation bonus
Invite friends to enjoy 3 levels of rebates. A-level members 12% rebate–B-level members 2% rebate–C-level members 1% rebate
For example:
A-level team members who deposit 1,000 USDT will receive a reward of 12% of the team’s income of 120 USDT
B-level team members who recharge 1,000 USDT will receive 2% of the team’s income of 20 USDT
C-level team members who deposit 1,000 USDT will receive a 1% reward of the team’s income of 10 USDT
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