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İnternetten Para Kazanma Görev Yaparak Para Kazan Ödeme Kanıtlı Para Kazan

İnternetten Para Kazanma Görev Yaparak Para Kazan  Ödeme Kanıtlı Para Kazan

İnternetten Para Kazanma Vazife Yaparak Para Kazan Ödeme Kanıtlı #parakazan Para Kazan – 2022

#internettenparakazan #internettenparakazanma #parakazan

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site linki : https://ikea-usd.com/UCEQXn

IKEA is an online auction and shopping website that allows people around the world to buy and sell items online.
IKEA is from Sweden and özgü branches in many countries around the world.
Company type: listed company
Founded on July 28, 1943·Sweden
Founder: Ingvar Kamprad
Representative: Peter Agnievyere
Headquarters: Leiden, South Holland Province, Netherlands

New users can get 300 USDT for free when registering, with a minimum deposit of 8 USDT.
IKEA is now available to individual users. Anyone can hisse to invest and get paid every day
Automatically deposited into your account 24 hours a day.

Investment funds are monitored by the exchange and managed by Binance to avoid investor capital losses.
IKEA is recruiting investment partners around the world! Invite your friends to join us! Earn a fixed amount of money every day
IKEA offers 3 ways to earn USDT:
A: Anyone can invest, purchase levels, and complete orders to earn fixed profits.
B: Invite friends to join and you can get 15% rebate.
C: Biçim a strong team and receive team rewards to get USDT rewards.

The fixed profits at specific levels are as follows, valid for 15 days:
The limit of shop-01 is 8USDT, and the daily profit is 2.3USDT.
The limit of shop-02 is 38USDT, and the daily profit is 11USDT.
The limit of shop-03 is 98USDT, and the daily profit is 33USDT.
The limit of shop-04 is 298USDT, and the daily income is 100USDT.
The limit of shop-05 is 598USDT, and the daily income is 198USDT.
The limit of store No. 06 is 1298 USDT, and the daily income is 508 USDT.
The limit of shop-07 is 2798USDT, and the daily income is 1068USDT.
The limit of shop-08 is 5798USDT, and the daily income is 2098USDT.

Registration bağlantı: https://ikea-usd.com/UwMrTy
Telegram customer service: https://t.me/ikea_usd
IKEA Channel: https://t.me/IKEA_USDT

A: What are the discounts for new user registration?
B: All new users will receive 300 USDT when registering in the system
A: How to get the invitation bonus?
B: After the user you invite recharges, you can get commission again and withdraw money immediately
What are the rewards for inviting subordinates?
B: When you use the invitation code to register and recharge, the third-level commission ratio is as follows:
10% for first-level members, if the other party recharges 1000 USDT, you will get 100 USDT
3% for second-level members, if the other party recharges 1000 USDT, you will get 30 USDT
2% for third-level members, if the other party recharges 1,000 USDT, you will get 20 USDT
1. You can only use USDT currency for deposit investment and choose the TRC20 network.
2. The usage period of each membership level is 15 days.
3. Ends at 00:00 New York time every day. New tasks are automatically refreshed every day. You can get rewards by completing the orders specified by the merchant every day.
4. You can only withdraw money once per day. no time limit. Withdrawals will arrive in your account within 1-3 minutes. There are no fees for withdrawals. The minimum withdrawal amount is: 1 USDT, with no upper limit.

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