KAYIT OLÔťů BEDAVA 200 TL KAZAN­čĄĹ ─░nternetten Para Kazanman─▒n Yollar─▒ Airdrop 2023 Para Kazan

KAYIT OLÔťů BEDAVA 200 TL KAZAN­čĄĹ ─░nternetten Para Kazanman─▒n Yollar─▒ Airdrop 2023 #parakazan Para Kazan – 2022

#internettenparakazan #internettenparakazanma #parakazan

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TRON (TRX) is the official token of a decentralized content sharing and entertainment platform based on the blockchain, aiming to create a global free, open and transparent digital entertainment ecosystem. TRON (TRX) can not only be used to hisse for transactions between content creators and consumers, but can also be used to incentivize content creation, distribution and consumption, thereby promoting the prosperity and development of the content ecosystem.

TRON (trx) is now open to individual users. Anyone can invest for a fee and payments are automatically deposited into your account 24 hours a day. Invite your friends to join us! Earn a fixed amount of money every day!
To avoid damage to investor funds, the funds are monitored and managed by Wells Fargo Bank in the United States.
Promotional https://trc-trx.com/?T164967
Online customer service: https://t.me/TRX88988
Level benefits: Different levels have different benefits. You can get income on the same day of investment, and the principal will be returned at maturity!
T01 purchase price 33USDT daily income 3USDT
T02 purchase price 58USDT daily income 8.8USDT
T03 purchase price 158USDT daily income 32USDT
T04 purchase price 378USDT daily income 88USDT
T05 purchase price 888USDT daily income 218USDT
T06 purchase price 1588USDT daily income 410USDT
T07 purchase price 2888USDT daily income 788USDT
T08 purchase price 6888USDT daily income 1888USDT
T09 purchase price 9888USDT daily income 3000USDT
1: Stored value investment can only use USDT currency and choose the TRC20 network.
2: The usage period of each level is 60 days.
3: Updated daily (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time. New tasks are automatically refreshed every day. You can get rewards by completing the orders specified by the merchant every day.
4: You can only withdraw coins once a day, there is no time limit, the coins will arrive within 3 minutes, and the withdrawal fee is 0. The minimum withdrawal amount is 3USDT, with no upper limit.
Share your invitation ba─člant─▒ with double rewards as follows:
Share the invitation ba─člant─▒ to your social promotion channels and groups, such as YouTube, Telegram channel, Feysbuk, Twitter, and invite friends to get three-level rebates:
Team commission: A B C rebate 10% 3% 1%
10% for A-level teams, if the other party recharges 100 USDT, you will get 10 USDT
B-level team 3%, the other party recharges 100 USDT, you get 3 USDT
C-level team 1%, the other party recharges 100 USDT, you get 1 USDT
The more you invite users to deposit, the more rewards you get
Team level 3 deposit bonus.
Team (ABC) 500USDT, bonus 10USDT
Team (ABC) 2000USDT, bonus 20USDT
Team (ABC) 5000USDT, bonus 100USDT
Team (ABC) 10,000USDT, bonus 300USDT
For more questions, please contact online customer service: https://t.me/trxT88988 (7X24 online)

KAYIT OLÔťů BEDAVA 200 TL KAZAN­čĄĹ ─░nternetten Para Kazanman─▒n Yollar─▒ Airdrop 2023
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