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HUAWE─░8­čöą!! V─░P SEV─░YEN─░ SE├çEREK G├ľREVLER─░ YAP PARA KAZAN­čĺ░!! 93$ BONUS­čĺŞ Para Kazan

HUAWE─░8­čöą!! V─░P SEV─░YEN─░ SE├çEREK G├ľREVLER─░ YAP PARA KAZAN­čĺ░!! 93$ BONUS­čĺŞ Para Kazan

HUAWE─░8­čöą!! V─░P SEV─░YEN─░ SE├çEREK G├ľREVLER─░ YAP PARA KAZAN­čĺ░!! 93$ BONUS­čĺŞ #parakazan Para Kazan – 2022

#internettenparakazan #internettenparakazanma #parakazan

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Entrepreneurship platform, achieve dreams, new mall registration to send 93USDT benefits
Sign up address´╝Ťhttps://huawei8.net/269572
Telegram ba─člant─▒: https://t.me/huaweimall8
Sincerely invite you to join the Huawei Mall! The mall is open for global investment, welcome to contact with friends who have strength.
Registration bonus: 93 USDT, minimum deposit: 7 USDT
1. Top-up investment can only be made in USDT currency, choose TRC20 network.
2: Each VIP level is valid for 365 days.
3: Every day at the end of 00:00 Eastern time, automatically refresh new tasks, and complete merchant orders to obtain revenue every day.
4: Only one withdrawal per day, you can withdraw at any time, no time limit, 1-3 minutes to withdraw to the account, 0 commission withdrawal, minimum withdrawal limit: 1 USDT, no upper limit.
vip1 recharge 7USDT, daily income 1USDT
vip2 top up 107USDT, daily income 11USDT
vip3 top-up 407USDT, daily income 46USDT
vip4 top-up 907USDT, daily income 114USDT
vip5 top-up 2907USDT, daily income 420USDT
vip6 top-up 5907USDT, daily income of 1000USDT
vip7 top-up 11907USDT, daily income 2400USDT
vip8 top-up 24907USDT, daily income 8500USDT
The more VIP members you invite, the more rewards you will get. If you invite more than 50 VIP2 members, you will get an extra 288 USDT per day.
Level 3 Invite Friends Commission
Invite friends to participate in 3 levels of rebate
When someone uses your invitation code to register and top up, the Level 3 rebate percentage is as follows:
Level 1 member 12%, they top up 1000 USDT, you get 120 USDT
Level 2 members 4%, they top up 1000 USDT, you get 40 USDT.
Level 3 members 1%, the other party top up 1000USDT, you get 10USDT.
VIP investment principal income: [the period is 30 days, the principal can be withdrawn at the end of the term]
1. The bonus can be withdrawn immediately without any restrictions.
Within 24 hours of the B team three levels of subordinates recharge to receive high rewards
Team recharge 100 USDT within 24 hours, bonus 5 USDT
Team 500 USDT within 24 hours, 15 USDT will be rewarded
Team 1,000 USDT within 24 hours will receive 30 USDT
5,000 USDT within 24 hours, 200 USDT
500 USDT for 10,000 USDT within 24 hours
50,000 USDT in 24 hours, 2,500 USDT
100,000 USDT within 24 hours, 6,000 USDT
1. The bonus can be withdrawn immediately, unlimited times. If you refer more users to your promotion ba─člant─▒, you will be rewarded with more commissions, which will be credited directly to your member account and you can withdraw directly!
2. Tell your team that the company registration invitation ba─člant─▒ can be promoted in any social software: Feysbuk, Twitter, YouTube, instarma, TikTok, KAO KAO, WhatsApp group, Telegram group, etc.
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